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Health Benefits of Honey

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When someone thinks of honey, they typically think of a sweet, sticky substance that pairs well with most treats. It has been employed for sweetening coffee, tea, and baked goods since ancient times as a healthy alternative to sugar. Aside from honey’s nutritional value, it has powerful health benefits, making it very appealing to people. One of which is the potential to suppress the development and progression of certain types of tumors and cancers.

Listed below are numerous health benefits that honey provides:

Treats wounds

A special compound called pinocembrin, a flavonoid that acts as an anti-fungal agent, lends itself to honey’s medicinal value. This compound makes honey a viable option for the treatment of cold sores, eye infections, and minor wounds including 2nd degree burns. When applied topically three times a day, it helped to heal wounds faster than over-the-counter steroid creams, according to research.

Soothes sore throats

Scientific research has shown that honey can soothe sore throats and calm even the most persistent cough better than most over-the-counter and prescription medications. It lines the pharynx, larynx, trachea, and a portion of the esophagus which aids in the soothing of a sore throat and the calming of a cough. Scientists suggest that two tablespoons of honey a day is just as, if not more, effective at suppressing coughs.

Kills antibiotic-resistant bacteria

One scientific study investigated the anti-bacterial capabilities of bee propolis (a byproduct of Brazilian stingless bees) against a range of commonly encountered cocci and Gram-positive rods, including Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Staphylococcus aureus (including the MRSA strains). The researchers compared propolis with calcium hydroxide, an effective anti-microbial, and found it significantly more effective at inhibiting these strains of bacteria.

Promotes a stronger immune system

Our product is excellent for boosting the immune system, eliminating chronic fatigue, and helping individual’s fight disease. It can also be used to treat colds and influenza. This is attributable to its antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties which combine to combat the free radicals in the body’s organ systems. It is also reported to have anti-viral and anti-fungal properties.

Anti-cancer properties

Perhaps the most exciting health benefit of honey, more specifically, propolis is its ability to suppress the development and progression of certain tumors and cancers. Laboratory studies conducted by Dr. Seema Patel of the Bioinformatics and Medical Informatics Research Center, San Diego University support the efficacy of propolis against just about every type of cancer, including:

  • Skin
  • Brain
  • Breast
  • Colon
  • Liver
  • Blood
  • Bladder
  • Kidney
  • Prostate
  • Pancreas

With more than 300 active components, propolis inhibits the growth of cancer in a variety of ways, as well as mitigates the side effects of popular chemotherapy drugs. For best results, our product is recommended to be used in conjunction with other beneficial herbs and essential vitamins. Upon placing your order, you will receive a recommended recipe and dosage sheet.  Order yours today!

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